UL Authorized Label Supplier

As a certified member of the UL Authorized Label Suppliers program (File Number LP4084), Mac Arthur Corporation can meet our customers’ UL Label printing needs. Only suppliers recognized under this program are authorized to print labels with the UL Mark. The UL mark is a recognized sign of excellence in product manufacture and longevity. The process of certifying and listing a product as accepted by Underwriters Laboratories is a difficult task which provides consumers with reassurance that the product a UL mark is applied to will perform as intended. Mac Arthur Corporation is proud to supply UL listed labels as well as printing the UL mark for our customers. Mac Arthur Corporation is approved to reproduce the UL mark, including Type L and Type R marks, and supply them on labels made of polypropylene, polyester, paper and other pressure sensitive materials. UL_Mark PGAA.LP4084 Authorized Label Suppliers Program MAC ARTHUR CORP LP4084 3190 TRI PARK DR. GRAND BLANC, MI 48439 USA Phone: 810-606-1777 x133 Fax: 810-606-1743 Web: E-mail: Types of Labels Available: ACRYLIC, DECAL, DIE CUT, DIGITAL, DIRECT THERMAL, FILM, FLEXOGRAPHY PRINTED, FOIL,KAPTON, LEXAN, MYLAR, MYLAR WITH MYLAR OVERLAMINATE, NON-PRESSURE SENSITIVE, OVERLAMINATE, PAPER, PLASTIC,POLYCARBONATE, POLYCARBONATE OVERLAY, POLYESTER, POLYETHYLENE, POLYETHYLENE, TEREPHTHALATE, POLYIMIDE, POLYOLEFIN, POLYPROPYLENE, POLYSTYRENE, POLYVINYL CHLORIDE, POLYVINYL FLUORIDE, PRESSURE SENSITIVE, PRESSURE SENSITIVE DECAL, PRESSURE UL Product Categories: PGDQ2 — Marking and Labeling Systems – Component PGGU2 — Marking and Labeling System Materials – Component PGIS2 — Marking and Labeling Systems, Limited Use – Component PGJI2 — Printing Materials – Component  Reprinted from the Online Certifications Directory with permission from UL.

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