Mac Arthur Corporation is competing for a $250,000 “Mission Main Street” grant from Chase Small Business that we would use to invest in additional talent and new technology to expand our product offering into new and growing fields that will be important supply chain pillars for U.S. manufacturing in the future. We’re asking for your vote to help us reach the 250 votes needed for consideration as a grantee. “Small companies struggle with the risk of pursuing new technology growth opportunities. A grant of this magnitude would allow us to pursue our vision to revitalize and sustain U.S. Manufacturing, create new advanced manufacturing jobs in our community, and contribute to regional economic growth.” – Mac Arthur Corporation CEO, Christie Wong. Your vote will assist us in getting the votes we need to be reviewed by the panel and move on to the next phase of the grant competition. Please vote for us today. Check out our profile at Chase Small Business “Mission Main Street” Grant and vote today! Thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “Vote for Mac Arthur Corporation to Receive the Chase Small Business “Mission Main Street” Grant

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